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Problematic Turf Diseases

Turf are subject to many diseases that are caused by pathogens (fungi) such as Pythium sp., Fusarium sp., Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia Homoeocarpa), Xanthomonas sp., Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia sp.), and many others.

Such diseases, if not properly treated become chronic and the patches continue to grow throughout the year, causing turf to appear colored Bronze to Red and eventually fade.

Denser, Stronger, Lusher Turf

CIDE Turf is best applied for Natural, Hybrid and Artificial Turf, be it in Parks, Sports and Recreational Fields, Golf Courses, Airports Runway Surroundings, Nurseries, Gardens and Lawns, Pets Facilities, among others.

Its tested results guarantees a turf denser, lusher and stronger than before being treated with CIDE Turf that works as a Photosynthesis Enhancer and facilitates Liquid Aeration.

CIDE unique mode of action, treats, controls and prevents soil, roots and foliar diseases in turf such as Pythium, Fusarium, Dollar Spot, Xanthomonas, Brown Patch, and many others.

Natural Turf

Hybrid Turf

Artificial Turf


CIDE proved utmost efficacy eliminating both Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria as well as Enveloped and Non-Enveloped Viruses, Fungi and Algae; with both Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Groups CIDE has the perfect orientation to the interphases. 

CIDE Proven Prolonged Protection was scientifically established; giving it an edge when long term protection is needed.

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Proven to Cure, Control and Prevent  Soil, Roots and Foliar Diseases
Photosynthesis Enhancer   I   Liquid Aeration   I    Lush Turf

  • ​Eliminates Microbial Contaminations
  • Obliterates Resistance Mutations
  • Sustains Consistent Performance
  • Reduces Surface Tension
  • Stable in the Presence of Organic Matter
  • Penetrates Biofilms, Small Pores and Crevice
  • High Yield 
  • Food Grade
  • Human Safe 
  • Non-Carcinogenic 
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Corrosive

Systemic and Contact Actions

Instant penetration and reduction of water surface tension by up to 54%, allowing wider coverage. With its unique mode of action, CIDE systemic and contact actions allow the solution to reach deep roots, pockets, and crevices to eliminate soil, roots and foliar-borne pathogens.

Eliminates a broad-spectrum  of pathogenic microorganisms

Tested with excellent results on: Xanthomonas campestri • Sclerotinia homeocarpa • Helminthosporium spp • Anthracnose sp • Fusarium roseum • Pseudomonas  sp • Physarium sp • Heterosporium echinulatum • Pythium sp • Rhizoctonia sp • Powdery Mildew • Cladosporium

Cost Efficient

Reduces CAPEX and OPEX. CIDE prolongs the longevity of lush turf, omitting the need of costly ongoing maintenance and seasonal  replacement of turf.

Usage Protocol 

Direction of Use
  • Dilute with Clean Water at Neutral Temperature
  • Dilute per desired phase and in accordance with Dilution Ratio
  • Apply evenly per indicated Application Method 
  • Water the area thoroughly prior to application
  • Do not mix with other solutions or chemicals
  • Do not apply three days after usage of Pesticides and/or Fertilizers 
  • Halting usage is not required after application
  • Inject diluted solution into irrigation system to omit accumulation of biofilm and eliminate contaminants for a healthier turf
  • The solution is weather independent

    For utmost results, CIDE Turf should be applied in line with the routine irrigation schedule, phase and application method set. Improper watering can lead to poor results.

1:    Indicative, contingent to application method, wind speed and ambient temperature 
2:    Applying the wrong frequency and/or inaccurate dilution ratio may jeopardize results

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