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We take pride in supporting all Education Organizations management, teachers and parents in their efforts to safeguard children in Kuwait for this academic year 2021-2022. This Fall,  we go back to school and universities protected thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines and ready to go back to our "old normal".  

We missed classrooms, playgrounds and human interactions; but we should not forget the importance of maintaining necessary safety measures, especially:

- Social Distancing

- Wearing masks at all times

- Washing hands frequently with soap and water

- Maintaining a clear disinfection protocol by the schools and universities management

-  Continuing to disinfect hands and personal items 


Download Guidelines Now

Our experts have worked on elaborating easy to use and apply guidelines, as an effort to keep all nurseries, schools and universities germ controlled. 

You will receive the guidelines in both English and Arabic for your easier reference. 

We take pride in supporting our community for more than 15 years.

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